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Mounting of video monitoring in a truck

Mounting of video monitoring in a truck will be a perfect solution for shippings optimization and creation of ideal reputation of reliable contractor. Recording the entire process on cameras – from loading, traffic to the point of destination and unloading of the forwarded cargo, enables to control cargo safety and deliver it right on time. Professional services from Sputnik Auto will be a recipe for success of your company. Video monitoring, mounted in truck, will be efficient not only for shipping companies, which deal with shippings, but also for trading companies with own vehicles.

What tasks will be solved by video monitoring in trucks

Lack of possibility to watch a shipping process and the cargo itself makes you tie yourself up in knots. Just in such case video monitoring allows to avoid conflict and disputable situations. Presence of video cameras:

  • improves driver’s and movers’ discipline;

  • minimizes the probability of cargo theft and substitution;

  • enables to provide necessary evidence in case of court hearings or truck involvement in road traffic accidents;

  • excludes fuel theft and unauthorized trips.

Which factors should be taken into account, when selecting equipment for video monitoring in truck

Sputnik Auto specialists will help you select an optimal equipment package, which will ensure fulfillment of all requirements. It is important to take into account the distance of trip, which affects the necessary time of record. This parameter is also affected by quality and resolution of video, number of cameras and storage capacity. If you don’t watch with satellite-based system on-line, be sure to scrutinize all these parameters. Because the lack of storage capacity may be the reason of record stop at the most inappropriate moment.

Order services on mounting of video monitoring in a truck from Sputnik Auto

Our company offers package of services on mounting of video monitoring in a truck. We’ll provide you with necessary equipment, skilled specialists will carry out analysis and define an optimal number of observation points, perform mounting, testing and launch of equipment. Every client receives continuous support and necessary maintenance. In the course of use of various tracking and control systems in the vehicles of your shipping or trading company, you may apply to Sputnik Auto technical support desk at any time and our skilled specialists will give you a detailed consultation.

To draw up an application on video monitoring mounting in a saloon or truck body you may use a single Russia-wide telephone line, which you may reach by telephone number 8 (800) 555-92-95. We work 7 days a week and are ready to quickly fulfill your order.

Depending on whether you want to view video on-line or from archive upon driver’s return, we may offer you two variants of mounting - along with a system of satellite-based tracking and control to receive information remotely and record in the central server or with storage for video content accumulation.

Sputnik Auto has been actively co-operating with companies of various types throughout the country for over 10 years so far. Our equipment helps hundreds of truck fleet owners increase their profit and develop, reaching a new level. We’ll provide not only the highest quality and warranty for all services, but also loyal value, discounts and special offers. Co-operation with us is a reasonable decision for your business.

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