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Besides installation of satellite-based tracking systems, our company renders a full range of related and additional services. We know well market conditions and working peculiarities of transport and logistic industry. The gathered experience allows us to reach maximum results and provide clients optimal solutions taking into account their individual requirements and specificity of professional activity.

You may order at our company:

  • Tachographs Calibration with CIPF (Cryptographic Information Protection Facility) blocks. We measure key parameters of vehicle. Tachograph is adjusted taking into account the data obtained. The procedure is conducted at a test ground with use of special-purpose equipment.
  • Tachographs Activation. This procedure is obligatory and is carried out only once. Individual vehicle data is entered into a special server of FBI “Rosavtotrans”. This ensures a comprehensive interaction of tachograph and GLONASS navigation system.
  • Truck Fleet Equipage with mobile filling systems. We offer efficient solutions for the fleets of custom vehicles, building sites, warehouse complexes and other facilities, locating away from stationary filling stations. We create individual configurations. As a result, we successfully solve a problem of fuel supply (required volumes are always in place) with its subsequent accounting.
  • CIPF Blocks Replacement. The procedure is obligatory in case of owner or vehicle data change. Besides, the module is changed every 3 years according to the RF law. Upon works completion calibration and activation is carried out.
  • Comprehensive maintenance. We provide every customer with warranty and post-warranty service. Visit is carried out in the day of reference. 24-hours phone technical support.
  • Software adaptation. If necessary, specialists will introduce modifications into software. This will enable to take into account working peculiarities of a particular enterprise and provide a client with more opportunities.

You can find more information about our services at our site. If you need to clarify cost, deadlines and other details of co-operation, please, call on the following telephone number: 8 (800) 555-92-95.

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