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Transport and Fuel Consumption Control

More than 50% expenditures for company’s truck fleet keeping is accounted for procurement of combustive and lubricating materials. That’s why fuel consumption control is one of the most efficient methods of optimization of transport work and elimination of financial losses, associated with actions of unscrupulous drivers.

GPS satellite systems may be definitely called the most contemporary solution for transport and fuel consumption control. They are superior to other measuring devices both with respect to the accuracy of data obtained, and with respect to protection of this data from unauthorized access.

Operation of GPS/GLONASS-tracking systems is based on processing of readings, obtained from sensors of various kind:

  • capacitance-type (to determine the remaining fuel in reservoir);
  • ultrasonic (taking off data without direct contact with combustive and lubricating materials);
  • flow-type (measuring amount of combustive and lubricating materials, entering into a power-unit).

Based on data from GPS vehicle tracking system, operator may at any time establish a vehicle location, determine a speed rate, register the duration and number of stops and detect any factors, causing excessive fuel consumption. Information, obtained from sensors, is preserved in local data bases and may be accessible only for the user with appropriate level of access.

For even more qualitative control vehicles are equipped with tachographs. These devices also enable to obtain data about vehicle operation mode and control the following values:

  • driving speed;
  • kilometre performance;
  • trip time without stops.

Mounting tachographs in trucks, owners obtain an opportunity to take actions promptly in cases, when drivers deviate from the scheduled route, fail to adhere to speed rate or schedule on the road, do not make rest breaks for a long time. Such monitoring helps to enhance security, since it eliminates one of the basic causes of road traffic accidents — an over-fatigue of drivers, neglecting the necessity to have rest during long trips.

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