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GPS-based Vehicle Control

For companies with own truck fleet a task of each single vehicle control continues to be relevant. Due to the actions of unscrupulous drivers a vehicle may not arrive at the point of destination at the given time, and fuel consumption may exceed the estimated norm many-fold. Negative implications of these situations will definitely have impact on the company budget. That’s why now more and more automobile operating companies start mounting GPS-based Vehicle Control systems.

These systems operate on satellite-based navigation principle and, depending on the model, include:

  • GPS/GLONASS tracker;
  • Sensors of level of fuel in reservoir, automobile electrical system voltage, and etc.;
  • peripheral equipment and software.

Devices are mounted in a vehicle and operate in any vehicle operating mode: during movement, stops and even when ignition is off.

What tasks does GPS-based Vehicle Control help solving?

The main purpose of this device is tracking a vehicle location on-line. Receiving a signal from tracker, an operator may get to know, if the vehicle is moving along a scheduled route and its speed, how many stops were made during the trip. All of this allows to exclude the probability of using a company vehicle for personal purposes and timely take actions in case of force majeure situations on the road.

In addition, GLONASS vehicle tracking systems may provide for:

  • fuel consumption, fillings and drainings control;
  • engine start and stoppage control;
  • recording of doors opening and closing, bed tipping in trucks, operation of custom vehicles detachable equipment;
  • recording of passengers presence in a vehicle;
  • operative communication with operator or sending an emergency signal using an alarm button.

Data, obtained from GPS-control systems, is preserved in a local base for a period of time, set by the user. This gives an opportunity to obtain detailed information about any single vehicle operation, reconstruct the route of its movement and modes of operation along the route.

To learn more about satellite-based vehicle tracking systems systems and order a device of your concern, call us on the telephones, listed on the site.

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