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How to track temperature and humidity conditions in refrigerator?

In order to prevent damage to cargo and payment of huge forfeit, it’s better to care for the control of temperature and humidity conditions in refrigerator beforehand. Sputnik Auto LLC has been dealing with mounting of the relevant equipment since 2005. Our engineers connect and adjust sensors so that the vehicle owner may check the adherence to the set shipping parameters for 24 hours a day. Remote tracking by means of GLONASS and GPS systems ensures safety of cargo shipping and preservation of perishable foods along the entire route.

Mounting special sensors in refrigerator makes possible a distant tracking of temperature and humidity conditions. Equipped with airproof driptight enclosure, they are intended for operation at the temperature from -55 to +100 ˚С. We use devices only from reputable producers, characterized with minimal reading errors.

Upon such sensor connection the truck owner receives exhaustive information by several parameter at a time:

  • precise temperature in the bed;
  • number of hours worked out by refrigerating machine;
  • fact of start/stop of air inflating.

The data is transferred to the operator’s mobile telephone of personal computer on-line. On-line temperature monitoring enables to detect deviations in advance and take actions for cargo rescue. All information is collected in reports, which may serve as documentary proof at court hearings.

To receive more detailed advice on temperature and humidity conditions monitoring, please, contact our experts.

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