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Instant Messages – For those Who Gets Used to Keep the Upper Hand

Connection to GLONASS and GPS tracking systems gives vehicle owner exhaustive information about its operation. Sputnik Auto has been dealing with mounting and servicing of tracking devices since 2005. Our engineers mount all required sensors and controllers as well as adjust supervisory equipment for data receiving and processing. Devices transfer information on actual parameters of car operation in the mode 24/7. Reports, compiled based on this data, help reduce exploitation costs, improve drivers’ discipline and enhance security of cargo and passenger operations.

What information subjects to registration and transfer?

Depending on controllers settings a car owner may receive exhaustive information on key events, such as:

  • actual haul, direction of movement, deviations from route;
  • duration of stops;
  • engine ignition, switching on any given devices;
  • activation of alarm button, alarm system, accumulator shut off;
  • performance of extreme maneuvers, violation of the set speed rate and continuous stops with engine on;
  • GSM signal interference, disconnection of antenna, SIM-card extraction.

How it works?

Upon event registration a message arrives immediately as SMS, telephone call or e-mail. Messages may be views on mobile telephone, personal computer, laptop, tablet. Each message contains information about object, date and exact time of event, geographical coordinates, reference to a map and other information. A message may be received by any number of recipients.

To receive a more detailed advice on transport tracking, please, contact Sputnik Auto technical support experts.

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