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Advanced Technologies for Fuel Consumption Control

Sputnik Auto has a wide range of technical control means for fuel consumption. All devices are tested multiple times and completely admitted to operation in the RF. We involve as many tools as possible to collect 100% information on vehicle haul, worked out driving hours, spent fuel and other values. Data may be transferred by means of GPS and GLONASS satellite systems to operations control station as well as to a mobile telephone of vehicle owner. Due to the mounting of novel monitoring and measuring equipment tracking is done on-line.

Today the most popular devices for fuel consumption monitoring include:

  • sensors in in reservoir. They allow to track the fullness of filling, reveal cases of theft and define a consumption rate;
  • on-board data buses (CAN). This group includes a broad range of complex electrical devices. MasterCAN interfaces filter files of information, coming by data buses. At the output we have unique reports specifying fuel level, volume of run out fuel (including fuel consumption per hour and for a trip).

More detailed information on combustive and lubricating materials consumption monitoring is available in Tracking section.

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