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Vehicle Tracking: How it Works?

Sputnik Auto LLC has been dealing with sale, mounting and servicing of vehicle remote tracking systems since 2005. Engineers with over 11 years’ experience know everything about it. The systems operation is based on connection to the two largest satellite systems: GLONASS and GPS. They cover all the earth’s surface to enable tracking the vehicle movement globally.

For precise vehicle positioning it is equipped with on-board controllers, receiving signals from the nearest stations. Devices read their coordinates and distance to them, on which bases they define their own location, movement vector and speed.

Besides, controllers are responsible for reading data, coming from various sensors.

Devices monitor several working parameters at a time:

  • fuel consumption;
  • worked out driving hours;
  • speed rate;
  • distance covered for a day/several days/week/month;
  • safety of a driver and a cargo;
  • number of passengers in saloon.

By means of GPRS module information is transferred through a cellular service provider to user’s mobile telephone of personal computer. Vehicle tracking system consists of several important components:

  • GLONASS and GPS satellites;
  • tracker (device for vehicle movement tracking);
  • data transmission channels;
  • server for accumulation and preservation of data collected;
  • operator’s working place (Web-interface and mobile app).

Equipment introduction leads to reduction of operation expenses and increase of shipping safety. More detailed information on this technology benefits is available in Tracking section.

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