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Monitoring of Approaching the Deadline of Statutory Maintenance Using Tracking Systems

At present it is difficult to imagine efficient and well-coordinated work of even a small truck fleet without the use of devoted on-line control system. For example, satellite-based GLONASS system enables to comprehensively monitor vehicle remotely. It comprises more than thirty satellites, Earth-orbiting. They provide complete coverage for signal exchange at any point of our planet.

A vehicle is equipped with a special tracker, which receives signal from satellite and at the same time transmits its own location data to the tracking systems. Meanwhile an operator may track a vehicle movement on map and request various reports;

  • fuel consumption;
  • tasks completion;
  • driving hours, and etc.

In other words, vehicle tracking system enables not only control vehicle location, but also communicate various data on its operation. To assess vehicle usage by driver, the following range of parameters is used:

  • traffic violations;
  • speed rate;
  • extreme maneuvers.

At the same time the system enables to assess each driver’s quality of vehicle driving and give a mark. It is also important that this complex takes into account a haul and reminds of necessity to carry out scheduled maintenance. Besides, if errors occur on the dashboard, it reports breakdowns to the operator. This allows to considerably save, as repairs of timely noted breakdown will cost significantly cheaper, than a serious vehicle recovery. In addition, introduction of tracking system enables to improve drivers’ discipline and focus their attention on the importance of careful attitude to machinery, thus decreasing expenditure on truck fleet keeping.

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