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Increase of Vehicle Hijacking in Crisis (Mounting of Anti-theft Tracking Devices)

General statistics of passenger cars hijacking for the last years continuously grows. Practice shows a gradual decrease in native automobiles theft. However, foreign models remain to be highly sought among hijackers. Such situation may be explained by increase of spare parts cost due to sharp growth of dollar in crisis time, hence, the number of hijacked “for dismantling” vehicles continuously grows.

At the moment there are a lot of various systems and complexes of anti-theft devices, and one of them is tracking devices. Their main task is simplifying the search of vehicle in case of hijacking.

Small sizes of tracking devices enable to place them in any convenient place of vehicle saloon. With that they operate from a battery, so they will be absolutely invisible to onlookers. As a rule, a tracking device stands-by and gives no signs of its operation. The device switching occurs only upon signal coming from the vehicle owner. After that the tracking device at certain intervals informs the vehicle owner about movement and location of the vehicle. To define its coordinates the device uses antennas and satellites of mobile phone providers.

At this moment there are two types of anti-theft tracking devices:

  • satellite GPS tracking devices, which operate with precision up to 5-10 m;
  • devices, operating through GSM channel of cellular service providers (LBS technology).

Many models of tracking devices have additional functions - for example, option of listening sounds in vehicle saloon. Besides, due to periodical activity of devices their service life may extend up to two years.

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