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Main / Articles / “Trust, but Verify” – Concealed Mounting of GLONASS Equipment will Enable to Prevent Improper Vehicle Use

“Trust, but Verify” – Concealed Mounting of GLONASS Equipment will Enable to Prevent Improper Vehicle Use

Concealed mounting of GLONASS is a unique opportunity to monitor vehicle on-line. At the same time the system enables to obtain true data on fuel consumption, route and other vehicle operation parameters.

GLONASS system mounting enables to prevent idle time and improper vehicle use, minimize the risk of negligence and various scheming from the driver’s side. Such complexes may be mounted in vehicles, owned by various companies:

  • extracting;
  • shipping;
  • agricultural;
  • building;
  • timber cutting, and etc.

Besides, equipment installation is also relevant for route vehicles, special services vehicles and special-purpose machinery. GLONASS complex is an analytical full-featured system, which may be installed both on passenger cars and trucks.

Limiting setting in GLONASS system enables to create restrictions for vehicles, allowing their use only on a certain territory. For example, for hire cars it may be a city or a region, and for building machinery - a circumference of construction site. This allows to exclude:

  • unauthorized use of vehicle outside of designated area;
  • an attempt of hijacking (the owner may select the boundaries of the area in the map and switch on automatic reporting of leaving this area by e-mail or SMS).

GLONASS system tracks movements 24 hours and instantly informs about the object’s leaving of the permitted area. And the number of areas, their shape and sizes may be arbitrary. Besides, the equipment allows to perform additional functions, such as:

  • blocking of vehicle engine ignition;
  • distant on-and-off switching of devices;
  • calculation the number of aggregates switchings, and etc.

Summarizing the above, it should be mentioned that “trust, but verify” principle characterizes the primary function of GLONASS system in the best way possible. Its use affects not only company’s profitability, but allows to discipline the staff.

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