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09.10.2017 “Mobile App” section updated
Operate vehicle from mobile tracker SPUTNIKAUTO.mobile

09.10.2017 Mobile App SAM. Service Engineer

Sputnik Auto experts elaborated a Mobile App SAM. Service Engineer.

You can find details on the Mobile App.

10.02.2017 New update for Sputnik Auto Mobile App
Order of page displaying changed, a tip for switching a power-saving mode added, operation stability improved.

Returning Vehicles after Hijacking
GPS/GLONASS system, acquired at our company, proved its efficiency again, when helped detect and return the owner his motor vehicle after its hijacking. As the vehicle examination showed upon its return, break-in and alarm disconnection were made rather professionally.

Another Completed Project
Our company experts successfully integrated Sputnik-auto tracking system with accounting system, made on the basis of 1С. Customer - SZTLK (North-West Transport and Logistics Company). Now all statistic data for motor vehicles (haul, fuel consumption, stops, and etc.), collected by our software, is transformed to 1C reports format. This will enable to make accounting more convenient and increase operating speed.

Innovation Technologies: We Turn Android Smartphones into Multifunctional Trackers

Our company is elaborating application for Android smartphones. It will feature a program, interacting with GPS/GLONASS satellites and enabling to make fully-featured trackers from gadgets to track vehicle location on-line.

August, 10

Fuel Theft Attempt Prevented

Recently Sputnik Auto proved its usability to one more new client. Owner of several trucks applied to our company to establish vehicle tracking systems. The main task was to reduce carriage cost due to saving in fuel theft and long distance truckers “hack-works”.

August, 12

Returning Hijacked Vehicles to Owners

Recently Sputnik Auto helped find a hijacked vehicle and return it to the owner. The passenger car was professionally kicked in – alarm systems couldn’t help to prevent wrongful acts, the owners heard no noise.

August, 15

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