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Driver’s control on the road

Driver’s control on the road is one of the most important conditions to ensure secure and qualitative cargo shippings. Relying only on employee scrupulousness, you may suffer substantial damages, both financial and reputation. The correctness of driver’s allocation of his labor hours, time for rest and driving style affect safety of cargo and vehicle, timely delivery and company profit. Sputnik Auto is ready to offer you several efficient, put through their paces tools for driver’s control on the road.

We should keep in mind that the work-rest schedule of truck’s driver is strictly regulated by the current legislation. Tough rules stem from danger for driver’s life and other travelers, if he breaches road traffic regulations. Insufficient time, devoted by drive to rest, may lead to sleep deficiency, over-fatigue, which will cause life threatening consequences. However, excessively frequent stops and too long rest will be the cause of cargo shippings cost-effectiveness reduction and loss of profits, may affect time of delivery and relationship with customer. Just to comply with all regulations and for driver’s control on the road our company offers to mount satellite-based tracking system and tachograph, which is mandatory for all freight forwarders.

With automated driver’s control you will:

  • Get rid of delayed deliveries;

  • Keep up and improve company’s reputation;

  • Exclude vehicle idle time;

  • Reduce expenditure on cargo shippings and truck fleet keeping;

  • Increase your company profitability.

Order services on driver’s control on the road by Sputnik Auto tachograph

Driver’s control on the road by tachograph enables objectively evaluate the quality of employee’s work, ensure timely and safe cargo delivery as well as reduce expenditure on truck fleet keeping, simplify recording of working time system and drivers’ labor compensation.

Tachograph allows to track the time spent by the driver at the wheel, idle time of the vehicle. If you work with perishable goods, this will ensure their safety, excluding the probability of high financial losses.

If you release a truck to a line without tachograph, you risk to draw a serious fine for violation of the current legislation. Driver’s control will be unavailable. Sputnik Auto employees will help you quickly take a decision on necessary equipment scope, simplify its installation and activation.

Why Sputnik Auto is worth to be entrusted with technical equipment of your vehicles:

  1. Many years’ experience: over 10 years we have been successfully working with large, medium and little companies throughout the country;

  2. Efficient tools: we offer only the product which is really efficient for cargo shippings. This is proved by positive feedback from our clients and real figures - millions of saved rubles.

  3. Quality assurance: we don’t only sell and install equipment, we perform continuous support of each client.

  4. Loyal price policy: discounts to corporate clients and producer’s prices will allow you to stay within budget and optimize logistic department work.

  5. Integrated approach and professionality: we know, how ensure you safe and profitable cargo shippings and quickly perform any order.

Sputnik Auto is a dignified partner for your business.

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