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Shipping of medicines, food and dangerous substances often requires certain temperature conditions. Breach of the established standards may cause damage to cargo and serious losses.

Sputnik Auto offers a customized solution, which will allow to exclude such scenario. This module is a part of our satellite-based vehicle tracking system. It serves for:

  • refrigerator temperature determination throughout the whole route;
  • recording the cases, when the established standards were breached;
  • sending messages about the facts of non-observance of temperature conditions.

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Application of this solution will allow to monitor shipping of cargo, which require certain temperature conditions, on-line and quickly respond on emergency situations in refrigerating appliances operation

How it works

Sputnik Auto employees install GPS/GLONASS trackers, determining vehicle location, and special sensors, recording temperature inside refrigerator. Once the appropriate conditions are breached, the responsible persons will automatically receive a message. It will contain a registration number of refrigerator plant as well as place and time of emergency situation occurrence.

Data on refrigerator operation may be tracked through web-interface or mobile application. You may see actual temperature and truck location on-line. Statistics of breaches for a certain period may be analyzed using special reports.

What benefits your company will obtain

This solution serves as a reliable and convenient tool for shipping conditions monitoring. Due to immediacy of messages you will be able to eliminate the majority of breaches before they cause damage to valuable cargo. Ultimately, this enables significantly reduce business costs and increase the profit.

Do you want to know more about this technology? Call on a phone number: 8 (800) 555-92-95. Skilled engineers are ready to consult you on any issues of your concern.

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