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Main / Maintenance timing control


Vehicle tracking systems from Sputnik Auto includes a large number of functions, which simplify company’s organizational activity. One of the most beneficial solutions for truck fleet owners is the maintenance timing control.

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This function allows you to solve a number of important tasks:

  • schedule maintenance check (on haul/dates/running hours);
  • control maintenance timing;
  • schedule updating documents for the driver and vehicle (insurance, and etc.);
  • maintain records on scheduled and casual works and their costs

Besides, the system allows to obtain an automatic forecast on maintenance dates based on the frequency of vehicle use.

The module needs only a list of required technical support services for all vehicles, present in the truck fleet. By creating a card of any operation, you may specify its name, description, service schedule (you may use several conditions, for example, by time and haul) and estimated cost. Any record may be edited, removed or marked as executed at any time

The most important advantage of this system is automation. You will not trouble any more about outdated insurance or maintenance not conducted at the appropriate time. The system will automatically notify you on necessity of maintenance or reissuance of important documents, if necessary (a vehicle runs a necessary number of kilometers, a certain date comes, and etc.). Besides, you will be able to estimate in advance the volume of expenditures on servicing or, for example, analyze costs on vehicle keeping for the last year, month or another period of time.

Apply to Sputnik Auto specialists, if you want to receive more information about the functionality provided. Contact telephone number — 8 (800) 555-92-95.

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