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At any business, related to cargo shipping, driving style control is the important condition of efficient work of all logistic department. Having an opportunity to receive information about core indices of driving style on-line, company management may track cases of road traffic regulations breaches, thus preventing accelerated amortization of vehicles and risk of cargo damage.

To solve all issues, related to unregulated and inaccurate use of working vehicle, Sputnik Auto offers control and monitoring equipment for remote registration and transfer data on-line. Dedicated software enables to record parameters of driving style, which analysis will allow you to solve several important production tasks at once:

  • Reveal drivers’ aggressive driving style.

  • Determine the accuracy with which an employee treats vehicle assigned to him.

  • Minimize a risk of cargo damage.

  • Reveal the best employees.

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We developed a simple and easily understandable interface to track driving style and receive and analyze information. It is available both from desktop computer or laptop, and through application to mobile device. Administrator has the right to set and measure control parameters, which may be individual for each business

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Our company has developed a convenient driving quality control, which is conducted remotely using special equipment. Tracking system receives and processes information through satellite-based navigation.

Functionality of such system has multitasking software and enables to solve a number of tasks at once:

  1. Continuous collection and transfer to server information about core parameters of vehicle operation, its traffic.

  2. Processing of criteria for driving style detection and their comparison with optimal ones.

  3. Administrator’s notification about breaches detected during driving, which are potentially dangerous for cargo and the vehicle itself. They include extreme acceleration or braking, inaccurate entering a turn, and etc.

  4. Upon each trip completion, a total report is created. It reflects all data about driving style, gives a mark to a driver, provides information about road accidents or road traffic regulations breaches.

Sputnik Auto has all certificates of the relevant public authorities, including the Federal Security Service. Our services are comply with all standards and norms of the current legislation. By ordering the systems of driving style remote control and monitoring, you ensure yourself reduction of all current costs on truck fleet keeping and optimization of company logistics.

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Truck driver control comes to fruition in the first trip so far upon equipment installation. You receive not only information needed for staff management, but also a prominent economic benefit and financial advantage:

  • A vehicle needs less repairs, and this expense item remarkably reduces;

  • The risk of fines payment due to traffic violations minimizes;

  • Fuel consumption reduces;

  • Vehicle amortization payments drop.

Sputnik Auto has ready solutions for your business. Driving style control will enable you to improve your staff discipline and avoid any sticky situations during shippings. Due to reduction of risk of road accident and cargo damage, delivering cargo right on time, your company will deserve client’s loyalty and reputation of reliable contractor, which always makes deliveries on time and carries cargo in apparent good order and condition. Demand for your company services will remarkably grow. It means profit gains.

Apply to our specialists by telephone number, listed on the site, and we will quickly perform all necessary manipulations required for driving style control work.

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