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Bed raise control is a specialized module, which provides a reliable monitoring of custom vehicles operation and excludes the risk of deceit from the side of unscrupulous employees. Sputnik Auto has been implementing softwares on remote control over different-purpose vehicles for a lot of years. Specifically for dump-body trucks we created a module for bed raise control, which is designed to solve the following tasks:

  1. Prevention unscheduled trips in favor of the third party;

  2. Prevention of unregulated discharge of cargo;

  3. Control of unloading number.

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Module operating principle

Bed raise record is made due to installation of two sensors and a control module. Monitoring of moving part operation enables exactly calculate the number of bed raises. The data is transferred to the server with geolocation reference, therefore you may know not only the fact of unloading, but also information about the place where it was done.

Installation of bed raise control from Sputnik Auto

Sputnik Auto installs bed raise control as soon as practically possible, so your vehicles will not stand idle. Our specialists quickly fix equipment and check the correctness of its operation.

In order to ensure the highest reliability and precision of data, we took into account all peculiarities of dump-body trucks and conditions of their operation, when created the module. So our equipment for bed raise control and monitoring has the following characteristics:

  • Protection from false data record, which contributes to equally good module operation, when vehicle moves along various territory - from smooth roads to building sites and complex descents and ascents.

  • Adapted for operation at low and high temperatures at any season.

Installation of such equipment instantly improves employees discipline and helps to avoid sticky situations, thefts and unregulated use of working vehicles by drivers for personal purposes.

Buy bed raise control at favorable price and servicing

At Sputnik Auto you may buy bed raise control to ensure accurate monitoring of vehicle operation, in particular dump-body trucks. We offer the most beneficial conditions of co-operation and ensure continuous support of our clients.

How can I order bed raise control?

To get consultation with our company manager or buy bed raise control, you may use the most convenient for you communication channel – order a call back, having left your contact details in a special form at site, or call us by Russia-wide single telephone number 8 (800) 555-92-95. We work 7 days a week and are ready to provide you with competent assistance in selection of tracking and control equipment.

Why co-operation with us is cost efficient:

  1. Qualitative services: Sputnik Auto has certificates from all public authorities and ensures complex approach in implementation of monitoring in company.

  2. Many years’ experience and professional team to arrange installation and activation of necessary equipment as soon as practically possible.

  3. Real results: our clients note high economic benefit and significant reduction of cost on truck fleet keeping and shipping arrangement.

Apply to Sputnik Auto and you will obtain an efficient means of bed raise control at producer’s prices.

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