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1. How does objects tracking occur?

Each object, tracked by the system, is equipped with a tracking unit, which collects information from connected sensors (ignition, fuel level, fuel consumption, and etc.) and location data. The collected information is transferred by the terminal through GPRS channel to a cellular base station, and then it arrives at our server, where all data are processed and displayed to the system’s WEB-interface.

2. What shall we do, if GPRS signal disappears?

Our equipment features embedded memory. If signal disappears, data is recorded in a “black box”. Within a zone of stable signal this data is automatically uploaded to the server.

3. May Sputnik Auto system be used as anti-theft or intrusion deterrent?

Yes, it may. Based on many years’ experience, we offer a number of solutions, which allow our clients prevent hijacking and even return earlier hijacked vehicles.

4. Which parameters may be controlled with Sputnik Auto system?

Core parameters, determined with Global Positioning System GPS:

  1. location;
  2. parkings;
  3. stops;
  4. car-system voltage;
  5. level of fuel in reservoir;
  6. on-and-off switching of various devices: ignition, power take-off operation, and etc.;
  7. petrol stations;
  8. drainings;
  9. refrigerator temperature;
  10. doors opening/closing;
  11. data from vehicle on-board computer (haul from odometer, engine rotational rate, engine temperature, fuel consumption from nozzles);
  12. running time;
  13. pressing an alarm button by the driver;

If necessary, we connect other various parameters for our clients.

5. What’s the likelihood of Sputnik Auto system malfunction?

Every month we carry out servers maintenance to ensure stable functioning of our system. For your convenience the works are carried out at week-ends and at night time.

6. What shall we do, if tracking equipment is inoperative?

In this case you need to register an appeal to technical support and as soon as practically possible a repair team visit will be arranged.

7. What cards does your system support?

Sputnik Auto system has up to 8 types of cards at choice, including Yandex.Traffic Jams server support. So, you may always find a card maximally suitable for you.

8. What shall I do, if I get questions on Sputnik Auto system at week-ends?

Our technical support works 7 days a week, so don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll definitely help.

9. May I order a test set-up of Sputnik Auto system?

To do this, you need to contact our sales office. Duration of free testing is 14 days.

10. I’m often away on business, how may I quickly track the location of my truck fleet?

For such cases we have a mobile version of the program, which you may download from Google Play service free of charge.


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