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Automatic truck trip calculation will enable to accelerate and optimize logistic department work in order to rationally arrange shippings in the company. Sputnik Auto has all required tools to provide your truck fleet with simplified system of efficient management.

Module of trips calculation is designed for installation in shipping companies of any scope - from several vehicles to large truck fleets with a system of branches. It will be also beneficial in trading and manufacturing companies, which have their own truck fleet and provide shippings themselves. Module operation is based on economic analysis and planning methods aimed to accelerate and simplify any calculations, associated with shippings.

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Using equipment developed by us you may solve the following tasks in your company:

  1. Shippings scheduling: the module makes automatic trip calculation and plots an optimal route, which anticipates all core parameters. This allows to reduce the time of delivery, avoid unforeseen situations on the road and save on fuel expenditure.

  2. Driver’s labor compensation: the salary of shipping company employee depends on a lot of factors:

    • distance, covered by a vehicle on the line;

    • amount of consumed fuel, based on the norms or readings of sensor, which we may also mount along with the entire tracking system;

    • number of trips, made for the selected period.

Module of trips calculation analyses all these parameters as a whole and in accordance with individual settings of each company, in an automated fashion, shows amount payable to a driver.

Equipment for automatic trips calculation is a part of satellite-based vehicle tracking and control system. In this regard, notice that it may be used only along with major equipment. Our technicians work with each client individually. Skilled professionals will explain all details, answer questions of your concern, help to select an optimal equipment package, draw up an application and quickly perform your order. Module installation “key ready” means full settings personalization depending on each client’s requirements.

Order installation of truck trip calculation system

Installation of truck trip calculation system is made by experts of Sputnik Auto according to all requirements and norms of the current legislation. Our vehicle tracking system will allow you remotely control shipping process and significantly improve drivers’ discipline. Truck trip calculation module is effectively protected with potent software and excludes the probability of interference for the purpose of information substitution.

You may contact Sputnik Auto managers to get more detailed consultation and draw up an application on equipment installation by Russia-wide single telephone number 8 (800) 555-92-95 or leave your contact data in the relevant form at site.

Hundreds of clients throughout the whole country trust our company. We can offer you affordable prices, guarantee qualitative work and ensure comprehensive support in the process of our equipment use. Order module of truck trip calculation at Sputnik Auto and in the first month of its use, you’ll already feel all advantages of automatic arrangement of shippings.

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