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Control of truck driver’s speeding is essential for shipping reliability and business profitability. Vehicle amortization, expenditure on its insurance, payment of fines for traffic violations, risk of cargo damage depend on employee’s discipline and his behavior at the wheel of the assigned vehicle. Developed by Sputnik Auto specialists speeding control module will enable you remotely receive data on-line with messages about breaches or view the full report at any convenient time upon completion of the vehicle work on the line.

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Module operating principle and particularities of its use

Remote data communication is impossible without involvement a satellite-based system. Our equipment continuously monitor the relevant parameter, in this case, the vehicle driving speed, store information and transfer it to the server. System administrator with access to it as well as company management, may at any time track all data, analyze values and, if necessary, take prompt actions, correcting driver’s work. Sensor

has all necessary protection levels and excludes the possibility of information substitution, its removal or distortion.

What data on breach is reflected in the report

For objective evaluation of driver’s actions and ensuring the necessary driving conditions, speeding control module provides a detailed report, reflecting the following information about breach:

  1. Exact date and time.

  2. Geolocation referene.

  3. Duration of vehicle traffic with speeding and distance, run for this time.

  4. The highest speed reached.

The software generates such report about each fact of breach and sends to the central server. Upon the trip completion and return of the vehicle from the line you may receive a summary report. It will contain all route intervals with registered speeding. Analysis of the data received enables to reveal unscrupulous drivers and conduct necessary work with staff.

Order installation of speeding control unit

Installation of speeding control unit itself positively affects the employees discipline. The fact that any breach will not remain unnoticed now, impact the labor compensation or may be the cause of dismissal, makes a driver attentively observe speed rate and optimizes shipping in the company.

The speeding control module installation will result in:

  • Reduction of expenditure on working vehicles insurance;

  • Minimization of road accident risk;

  • Reduction of payments on amortization;

  • Improvement of the company reputation;

  • The least probability of cargo and vehicle damage.

Sputnik Auto has an extensive experience in the field of vehicle remote tracking and control. We can rapidly install and activate necessary equipment and ensure its correct operation. Our technical service guarantees you continuous support and assistance. We have liberal pricing policy, discounts and pleasant propositions for regular customers.

To order a speeding control module installation you can call on the specified telephone number 8 (800) 555-92-95, effective in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Our managers will respond all your questions and ensure a quick order processing.

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